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New Projects

Leah Browning's recent publications include a short story, "Skin," in Valparaiso Fiction
(Summer 2017); a short story, "On Holiday," in Watershed Review (Spring
2017); a short story, "
Painted Ladies," in Helen Literary Magazine (Spring 2017); a
poem, "
Alternate Interpretations," in Cordella Magazine (2017); two poems, "In Transit"
and "In the Meadow Next to the Rented House," in
Freshwater Literary Journal (2017); a
short story, "
The Play," in Dime Show Review (April 2017); a short story, "From a
Distance, It Always Sounds Like Begging," in Random Sample Review (March 21,
2017); a poem, "News," in
Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing (Spring 2017); a
poem, "
Time Zones," from 8-West Press (December 19, 2016); a short story, "Small
Kindness," in Superstition Review (Fall 2016); a short story, "Adrenaline," in Flash Flash
(December 6, 2016) and reprinted in Angels Flight • literary west (May 13, 2017); a
short story, "
Friday Night at the Mermaid Inn," in Newfound (Fall 2016); a poem, "Charley
Horse," in Clementine Unbound (October 2016); a short story, "Two Good Ears," in The
Homestead Review
(Fall 2016); a poem, "Approaching the Intersection of Princess and
Bath," in the Dialogues section of Coldnoon: Travel Poetics (June 5, 2016); a short
story, "
Double You," in Santa Ana River Review (Spring 2016); a short story, "We Know
You By Your Face," in A Bad Penny Review (May 2016); a short story, "Horse Girls," in
GARO, an online outpost of the Rocky Mountain Land Library (May 19, 2016); a short
story, "
Tiebreakers," in Bellows American Review (April 6, 2016); a poem, "In the Chair
Museum," reprinted in
The Doll Collection, an anthology edited by Diane Lockward
(2016); a short story, "
Threads," in First Class Literary Magazine (March 18, 2016); the
first in a series of three short stories, "
Elise in Italy," in Waypoints (March 2016), and the
third in the series, "
Elise in Croatia," in LitroNY (May 31, 2015); a sequence of three
short stories, reprinted as "Little Signs," in the anthology
Nothing to Declare: A Guide to
the Flash Sequence (2016).  

The Spring 2017 issue of the
Apple Valley Review is available online.  

A Brief Bio

Leah Browning has worked as a freelance writer and editor since 1995.  She is the
author of three nonfiction books for teens and pre-teens:
Babysitting Basics, Babysitting
, and Sleepovers, all published by Capstone Press.  Her first chapbook of poetry,
Making Love to the Same Man for Fifteen Years, was published by Big Table Publishing
in 2009.  The second and third,
Picking Cherries in the Española Valley and In the
Chair Museum, were published by Dancing Girl Press in 2010 and 2013, respectively.  
Her first chapbook of short fiction,
Things I Remember When I'm Sober, was released
by Silent Station Press in 2015.  

Browning's fiction, poetry, essays, and articles have previously appeared in a variety of
publications including
Chagrin River Review, Queen's Quarterly, 42opus, The Saint
Ann's Review
, Bluestem Magazine, Blood Orange Review, Dressing Room Poetry
Journal, Fiction Southeast, The Citron Review, Corium Magazine, Per Contra, Halfway
Down the Stairs, The Literary Bohemian, The Blue Hour Magazine, Wigleaf, Storyscape
Journal, Lime Hawk, 300 Days of Sun, Nebo, Mud Season Review, Amygdala, and
Glassworks Magazine.  Her fiction and poetry have also appeared on a broadside from
Broadsided Press, on postcards and bookmarks from the program Poetry Jumps Off
the Shelf, in The Wardrobe, in several anthologies, and with audio and video recordings
The Poetry Storehouse.  Nic Sebastian's short film for "There's Nothing," which first
appeared in The Poetry Storehouse, was the
Poets & Writers Clip of the Day on July 10,
2014.  Browning's poem "
Any Day Now," which was originally published in Dressing
Room Poetry Journal
and reprinted in The Poetry Storehouse and A Year of Being Here,
is also available on a
printable broadside with original artwork by Sarah Browning.

Browning's poetry and fiction are forthcoming in
The Threepenny Review, The Stillwater
, Santa Fe Literary Review, and Cape Fear Review; in Baby Blessings, an
anthology from Andrews McMeel Publishing; in her fourth chapbook of poetry,
Out of
, from Dancing Girl Press; and in her second chapbook of fiction, Orchard City,
from Hyacinth Girl Press.

In addition to writing, Browning serves as editor of the
Apple Valley Review, an online
literary journal.  Each issue features a collection of poetry, short fiction, and essays.  

For a more detailed bio and a list of selected publications, please
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Leah Browning
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